String Review: Head Lynx Tour

by: Tennis Warehouse | December 23, 2020

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Head Lynx Tour

Upsides                                                         Downsides
Control                                                          Too underpowered for beginners
Tension maintenance                                                      

Price: $12

With Lynx Tour, Head adds another member to its growing family of Lynx co-polyester strings. This new Lynx Tour is champagne (or grey) in color, and our testers found that it offered the performance to back up its prestigious look. In contrast to the softer feel and impressive all-around playability of the original Lynx string, Head designed Lynx Tour to deliver extra control and spin. To that end, Head Lynx Tour was given a stiffer construction, along with six spin-friendly edges and a low-friction surface to help the strings snap back more powerfully at impact (think extra ball rotation). According to our team, the design works wonders, hence the outstanding scores for control and spin. Perhaps the most surprising attribute of Lynx Tour was the feel, which was more comfortable and responsive than strings with similar levels of control. As a result, Lynx Tour proved to be one of the more versatile and user-friendly polys our team has tested in a while. This doesn't mean it has enough power to satisfy beginners or players with compact strokes, both of whom should probably sit this one out. However, for the big-swinging poly player who wants total command over the ball on full swings, Lynx Tour is hard to beat.


Power: 65 Spin: 89 Comfort: 74
Control: 93 Feel: 81 Playability Duration: 83
Durability: 91    


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