Racquet Preview: Head Radical 2021

by: Jon Levey | December 21, 2020

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Head Radical 2021

It’s unabashedly orange. 

When you take a new Radical out of your bag, the bold cosmetic is sure to turn heads. Orange has generally been the signature color of the franchise, and this time around Head put it front, center and pretty much everywhere else. But that’s hardly the only change being implemented to this update.

From a technology standpoint, the racquet is equipped with Graphene 360+. When compared to the previous version, this means the introduction of Sprialfibers to the shoulder area of the frame. It’s intended to give the racquet a warmer, more responsive feel at impact.

The racquet has also undergone significant structural renovations thanks to an entirely new mold. The head shape is rounder to promote a juicier sweet spot and softer feel at contact, while the yoke has been thickened for increased stability. The Radical also bulked up with a 5-gram weight increase for the MP (300g) and Pro (315g) models. After extensive internal playtesting, Head determined that the added mass resulted in noticeable playability improvements. 

While the Pro is heavier, it also has been thinned out by nearly two millimeters in the middle of its variable beam. This gives the frame a lower flex—the MP has a softer flex as well—for more comfort and control. Always a versatile frame, the changes are meant to make it an even more potent all-court weapon. 

The Radical 2021 is currently available to demo with an on-sale date set for 1/21/21. Check back in the coming weeks for more detailed reviews.

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