String Review: Signum Pro X-Perience

by: Tennis Warehouse | September 16, 2020

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Upsides                                                         Downsides
Control                                                         Nothing we could agree on

Price: $12

X-Perience is a shaped co-polyester from Signum Pro, a German string brand with a long history of manufacturing polyester strings. According to our playtesters, this co-poly provided exceptional control and spin along with surprisingly good feel and comfort for a poly-based monofilament. Although our team didn't report any significant downsides, X-Perience is likely too underpowered for beginners. It also lost tension like a typical co-poly, but this turned out to be a good thing for our playtesters, all of whom appreciated the playability after this string softened up and settled in. Ultimately, with its impressive combination of spin, control, and durability, X-Perience is simply a great option for big hitters who want predictable results on full swings. The arm-friendly feel is a nice bonus.


Power: 57 Spin: 85 Comfort: 70
Control: 87 Feel: 80 Playability Duration: 79
Durability: 82    


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