String Review: Prince Vortex Hybrid

by: Tennis Warehouse | August 06, 2020

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Upsides                                                         Downsides
Comfort                                                        Tension loss

Price: $10

Some tennis strings promise a little bit of everything. They provide decent all-around playability to a wide range of players, but they lack a "wow" factor. On the other end of the spectrum lies Prince's Vortex Triad Hybrid. According to our playtest team, this hybrid packs a major "wow" factor, especially for those in search of spin. Vortex Triad Hybrid gets its spin potential partly from an innovative design that pairs an aggressively shaped co-poly main string with a thin and slippery co-poly cross string. The upshot is a hybrid that grips the ball very tightly before snapping it out of the stringbed with vicious rotation. In addition to receiving one of the highest spin scores awarded by our playtest program, Vortex Triad Hybrid proved surprisingly comfortable for an all-poly hybrid, making it a great "starter poly" for those looking to enter the polyester universe. The biggest downside of this hybrid was playability duration, a near-universal affliction of soft co-polyester strings. However, for the intermediate or advanced player who wants a comfy control string with massive spin potential, Vortex Triad Hybrid will not disappoint. The fact that you can pick up a set for under $10 makes it hard to beat.


Power: 63 Spin: 95 Comfort: 70
Control: 82 Feel: 83 Playability Duration: 62
Durability: 88    


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