String Review: Solinco Confidential

by: Tennis Warehouse | June 05, 2020

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Upsides                                                         Downsides
Spin                                                               Not recommended for beginners
Playability Duration                                                        

Price: $12

Although it was officially launched in early 2020, Confidential, a shaped co-polyester string from Solinco, has lived in the shadows for a few years. Much of the information surrounding this co-poly, like the proprietary ingredients used to make it and the names of the players who helped develop it, is confidential. What isn't confidential is the nearly off-the-charts control score our team gave this string. The control comes from a familiar Solinco formula consisting of a stiff monofilament construction punctuated by four grippy edges (think Hyper-G and Tour Bite). The result, according to our team, is the kind of spin-friendly precision that brings the ball down on a dime. Although our crew reported no downsides, Confidential is likely too underpowered for beginners, and it may not win over players who require the plush feel of a natural gut or multifilament nylon. However, for the experienced ball striker who wants a durable co-poly that rewards full swings with pinpoint accuracy, Confidential is hard to resist.


Power: 42 Spin: 90 Comfort: 63
Control: 93    Feel: 83 Playability Duration: 88
Durability: 91    


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